The Smart City Transformations

The Smart City Transformations

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About Smart Transformations

Developing Smart cities is a stated objective of many governments and organisations worldwide. It meets the dual objectives of sustainability and enhancing the quality of life. Increasing aspirations of citizens to improve living standards puts pressure on the cities to upgrade, and as the global population increases, the world must move towards a Smarter use of resources.

Smart concepts bring in a diverse set of assets, expertise, and capabilities, and integrates the knowledge areas of behavioural science, city management, electronics, computing, mathematics, economics and project management. No area of knowledge is untouched.

Every community benefits from Smart transformations: rich and poor; cities and villages; new cities and old cities; small towns and large cosmopolitans; Africa and America; hot climate and cold climate; and beach towns and deserts. No person is untouched.

Smart transformation is the revolution of the twenty-first century.

About the book

A handbook for the practitioners, this book is a complete treatise on the topic of Smart.

  • A comprehensive framework that sets the foundation of Smart with the needed definitions, concepts, strategies, approaches, and technologies to develop and manage a greenfield or brownfield Smart city.
  • Integrate economics, technology, environment and governance.
  • Technologies that are powering the Smart movement.
  • Societal and political framework.
  • Specific methodology of measuaring Smart elements.
  • A structured approach to transformation: setting priorities, execution, financing, and governance.
  • The new structure and market dynamics of the Smart industry.

Who is this book for?

Students of management, engineering, economics and social science. They will directly participate in developing and deploying Smart concepts, and need this knowledge to get jobs in the Smarter world.

Professors and academic professionals who will internalise these ideas and develop new knowledge along with interdepartmental research initiatives. They will also teach the millions of students.

Business professionals, who consider Smart cities a transformation agent and wish to learn about it, contribute to it, and profit from it.

Consultants and advisors who will take advantage of the structured approach to Smart transformations including methodologies, processes, quantitative models, and metrics.

Technology professionals for developing Smart solutions and for future employment.

Information management professionals to develop use-cases for improving life and business processes, and use Smart concepts to expand the limited boundary of current IT framework.

Professionals in the government departments who wish to understand how their work and priorities will transform.

Solutions providers who will learn the end-to-end perspective of the Smart concept and use them to sharpen their product and solutions capabilities as well as sales positioning.

Analytics and data science professional, for learning to develop new insights using IoT, sensors, big data, and predictive analytics.

Employees of Telecom companies who are keen to apply telecom capabilities to concepts beyond voice and basic data applications.

Knowledge seekers – The citizens bear the fruit of the Smart transformation. This book will provide them with all they need to know how their lives will be impacted through the series of transformations their society will experience. Important areas of technologies have been described for laymen.

About the authors

Amitabh Satyam

Amitabh Satyam is the Chief Mentor at Smart Transformations. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur with an MBA from Fisher College of Business, USA, Amitabh was earlier the Managing Partner at SAP and the global Consulting Leader for Telecom and IoT at IBM.

He started his career on Wall Street as an investment analyst at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Later, he was the Operations Head at Reliance Infocomm, Managing Director at MobiApps and Vice President at Siemens. Amitabh has also taught at The Ohio State University and at Rider University in the USA for four years.

Igor Calzada

Dr. Igor Calzada is a Research Fellow and a Senior Policy Adviser at the University of Oxford, Urban Transformations. His research includes technological, social, economic and political processes in cities and regions by focussing particularly on metropolitan devolution. His studies also cover metropolitanisation, techno-politics of data, urban governance, unplugging, and urban co-operatives.

Igor received his MBA from the University of Deusto and his PhD from the University of Mondragon in the Basque Country, Spain/France.

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