|| उत्तिष्ठ भारत ||

I use only parts of my left hand when I argue with the English-mediums on any topic, but I always completely surrender to the uneducated villagers.
The uneducated carry the knowledge and wisdom of 5000 years. I see Chanakya talking through mouths. I experience Vashishtha in them. Valmiki, Agastya, Vyas still living in them.
The English-mediums focus on weather in Minneapolis and Baseball statistics. Their school system works hard to delete Indianness in the name of good education. The ‘uneducated’ ones store the treasures of Bharat.
And very smartly, English is now a requirement for even driving a taxi, so, very soon, despite keeping Indian names, we would all become heartless, cultureless, identity-less robots. 

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